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Job Opening Date Posted
Lord Abbett, Municipal Bond Research Analyst 7/11/2022
MSRB, EMMA, Market Structure Manager 7/7/2022
Fitch Solutions, Infrastructure/Project Finance/Public Finance, Global Head 6/30/2022
Moody's Investors Service, Knowledge Manager, PFG 6/27/2022
Fitch Ratings, Global Infrastructure and Project Finance, Director 6/27/2022
Fitch Ratings, Global Infrastructure and Project Finance, Associate Director 6/27/2022
Refinitiv, US Municipal Bonds, Senior Market Analyst 6/21/2022
Fitch Ratings, US Public Finance, Water and Sewer Group, Senior Director 6/17/2022
Fitch Ratings, Local Governments, Director 6/17/2022
Fitch Ratings, USPF Healthcare, Associate Director 6/17/2022
Fitch Ratings, Public Power, Associate Director/Director 6/17/2022
MetLife Investment Management, Analyst - Investments Credit Research 6/14/2022
Moody's Investors Service, Public Project Infrastructure Finance, State Ratings Team, Assistant Vice President - Analyst 6/9/2022
Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., Analyst - Public Finance 5/8/2022
Ramirez & Co., Municipal Credit Analyst 5/4/2022
Moody's Investors Service, US Housing, Associate Lead Analyst 4/25/2022
RBC, Junior Credit Analyst 4/21/2022


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