The Municipal Analysts Group of New York ("MAGNY") is an association of municipal analysts based in the greater New York City metropolitan area who specialize in evaluating the credit worthiness of municipal securities. MAGNY was founded in 1949 as a fraternal organization to advance the knowledge and professional growth of what was then a small group of analysts involved in the municipal finance profession. In 1983, MAGNY became a charter society within the newly established National Federation of Municipal Analysts ("NFMA").

Since that time, mirroring the steady growth of the municipal finance industry as a whole, MAGNY has evolved into a large organization that now includes over 500 members. Despite this growth, MAGNY has retained its original educational mission as its core organizational goal. To provide a forum to exchange ideas and to analyze a wide range of timely topics important to the profession, MAGNY organizes periodic luncheon meetings throughout the year featuring prominent figures in the municipal finance industry as well as member analysts themselves. These luncheons are typically held on a monthly basis, although the schedule sometimes varies.

Through its distinguished history, MAGNY's forum luncheons have served an extremely useful role in providing a convenient means to evaluate issues of common concern and to deepen the knowledge and awareness of its members with respect to timely issues and topics. These luncheons are of industry wide significance and are open to all municipal finance professionals. Individuals whose professional work is devoted to municipal credit analysis and aligned areas are encouraged to join MAGNY. Information about new member application process is included on this website.